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The InFocus Consultant Academy (IFCA) prepares individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be effective self-advocates. 

During the Spring of 2019, InFocus launched the InFocus Consultant Academy (IFCA).  The IFCA curriculum, combined with the individual’s life experience, prepares self-advocates to teach others how to make their business or organization welcoming and accommodating for people living with a disability.  Upon completion of the curriculum, the self-advocate is eligible for hire as a paid InFocus consultant.  Hiring is based upon an InFocus contract with a business or organization desiring consultative services, and the interests of the consultant.  Employment as a consultant is not guaranteed, as it is dependent on business contracts.  However, the skills acquired through IFCA will likely be beneficial in many aspects of daily life.

Thank you to the Oscar F. Smith/Marjorie Smith Charles/Angie Newman Johnson Fund for supporting IFCA.

Consultant Academy 

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