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Moms InFocus

For 5 months, a group of mothers got together to explore and discuss parenting and living with a child with a disability. They shared their stories with each other through photographs and intimate conversations. Ultimately, they disseminated their perspective in a photographic exhibit to over 250 community members at the Greensboro Science Center. It was co-facilitated by Ginger Walton, Kimberly Miller and Stuart Schleien. 


"I had to be mom, wife, nurse's aide, advocate, Individualized Education Plan expert, Community Alternatives Program expert, researcher and everything else it takes to be a mom of a child with special needs.

I don't think my family and friends understand all that it takes to raise a child with a disability so I keep a lot to myself."

"There'll be milestones and WE celebrate them even more because of all the times we've been told our kids can't or won't do something."

"We didn't think that college would be an option, but we never told her that. We found out about a college program, Beyond Academics at UNC-Greensboro. Finally, a dream would become a reality."

"Oh the trips to the store: those moments when you start to wonder if what you are going for is worth it -- stares, the behaviors, and the comments. It's taken me several years to finally get to the point that I don't care what other people think when we go out.

"Our family may not look like the vision of your "perfect" family. Our family is imperfectly perfect and wonderfully made. Our family is the vision of true beauty and love."   

"We're a happy family, but it took us a long, long time to realize that. We still have doubts, fears and concerns about how we will be perceived by the world."

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