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"Theater is such a powerful art form and everybody can do it."

                 ~Courtney Wood,

Acting Director

Pride & Achievement


Changing Perspectives

Adding Value 

to the Community

OnStage & InFocus, a community theater program including people with and without disabilities,  was a 2-week program each June in 2013-2015, located at the Community Theatre of Greensboro (NC). Following training by InFocus Advocacy staff, an inclusive cast and crew used the InFocus process, in combination with expressive skills acquired through the theater, to develop and perform powerful skits advocating for community inclusion. Participants shared personal stories, formed new friendships, took on new responsibilities, worked as a team, performed self-expression through acting, music, dance, and movement. Each unique skit engendered self-discovery and was organically created by its performers. The production was a testament to self-advocacy and the confidence and talents of the ensemble.   

"It doesn't matter if you have a disability or not, everyone works together in the theater.

                                ~ John, OnStage & InFocus


The Community Theatre of Greensboro (CTG) expanded its reach to citizens with disabilities as a result of this program and has continued their inclusive theater program to this day.

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