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People with disabilities allow us to learn through their eyes and see the world with different eyes. I want to live in a community that makes me feel inclusive and valued, like we are one person. It doesn’t matter what gender you are or what disability you have. We are one community! What I learned in the InFocus® Consultant Academy is that we are all different and that is okay. That means we can learn from each other. I also learned about self-advocacy and how to speak up for yourself and for other people in your community. The InFocus® Consultant Academy taught me about advocacy, community, teamwork, and how to prepare yourself for the future. The InFocus® Consultant Academy taught me how to build my network by connecting with people who have the same goals, values, dreams and want to make a change in this world.

I want to advocate for a lot of things, and one is disability.  Many things have changed with people with disability, but there is still work to be done as an advocate. For example, how spaces and programs are built and designed for people with disabilities. It is important that we share our voices and advocate to tell people that some people are created different and unique. Not everyone is the same. Some things need to be modified for people. Advocating for inclusion in the community is very important because that’s how you get to know your community and neighborhood and who is involved in it. People with disabilities and different cultural backgrounds coming together to make a unique society is very important. It is also important for people with unique skills and talents to take part in your community by volunteering, working, and/or being an advocate. Give your opinion and explain how you want the community to look for people of all abilities.

I recommend the InFocus® Consultant Academy to anyone who wants to be involved in advocacy for and with people with disabilities. The InFocus® Consultant Academy is a good tool to learn about the history of disability and to see what people with disabilities have went through in the past. This allows participants to see why advocating is very important. The InFocus® Consultant Academy is a wonderful program to participate in because you get to learn about the environment, what’s going on in your community, and how to be a great advocate. You learn how to put your voice out there and make a difference!

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Olivia Hunt

InFocus Advocacy Consultant

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