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opening doors

in the community

InFocus Advocacy is in the business of changing lives and shaping communities.

The work we do at our nonprofit organization -- preparing people with disabilities as

self-advocates, helping businesses & organizations become more welcoming and accommodating, and facilitating inclusive community programs --

is accomplished by extraordinary individuals of varying abilities. Learn more about what we do, who we work with, and how we work every day to promote inclusive communities. 

InFocus Advocacy

changed my life. I can now help more people with and without disabilities.  


Mike Scoglio, IFA Consultant

InFocus Advocacy helped me to realize my talents and overcome my fear about doing things alone. Community inclusion means being included in community activities and being able to participate in anything you want to do. 


Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc.

happily recommends

InFocus Advocacy to any local business, community, organization, or civic body looking to intentionally evaluate and improve its inclusivity practices on the basis of ability. Prioritizing the voices of self-advocates with disabilities provided an excellent model. (InFocus leaders) respected our team's decision

to make adjustments

in ways that made sense for our current capacity as an organization.


Amanda Miller,

Director of Programs & Marketing, Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc.

InFocus Advocacy has made a difference in his willingness to go to different venues and increased his independence in making arrangements for participation. 

His self-confidence

has increased immensely. 


Liz Schumacher, Parent of IFA Consultant

Here's what people say about us:

Will Moore, IFA Consultant

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