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Opening Doors in the Community

InFocus Advocacy is in the business of changing lives and shaping communities.

The work we do at our nonprofit organization --

preparing people with disabilities as self-advocates, helping businesses & organizations become more welcoming and accommodating, and facilitating inclusive community programs --

is accomplished by extraordinary individuals of varying abilities. Learn more about what we do, who we work with, and how we work every day to promote inclusive communities. 

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IFA Spring Reunion at Bur-Mil Park 

Self advocates, family members, and friends of InFocus Advocacy got together for an April reunion. Several participants addressed a few exciting new initiatives. Everyone enjoyed bocce, cornhole, whiffle ball, card games, good food & great conversation! 





Backpack Beginnings

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BackPack Beginnings

Here's what people say about us:

Mike Scoglio, IFA Consultant


InFocus Advocacy changed my life.

I can now help more people with and without disabilities.  

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